Sweet River Church - New Braunfels Tx
The scary thing about doing a search to find a good Church, many times, is that most
of the time we look for "style" or a worship team that is trendy, or even the latest technology with the latest visual aids to entertain us.  Let's not forget the wonderful coffee bar with the many expensive and delicious coffees to chose. 

We too love and believe in these things but certainly not at the expense of real substance or a real move of the holy Spirit in one's heart and life.  This quality substance should lay a foundation  in us for lasting relationships, for solid doctrine, and for endurance to run our race to win.

Here at Sweet River Church, in addition to the latest trends and styles, our highest aim is focused on the (above) points.  These are the foundations from which we build. 

We know it is NOT! for everyone, but it is for someone, someone hungry for His manifest presence and power to walk the life of a disciple in Christ.  It's never too late to start your walk with Christ.  Young or old, makes no difference.

We encourage you to search our web site.  We hope you enjoy what you find.  And come enjoy one of our Sweet River worship services.
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