Sweet River Church - A Ministry Of Church On The Rock International
Wecome to Sweet River Church.  The difficult thing when searching for a good church many times, is we tend to first seek out the latest trends or fads when making a deciding vote.   A style or a popular fad for the worship team or even the Pastor, many times, carries the day.  It might be the latest in high tech overhead projections, cool video commercials, stage lighting or even stage fog, all to entertain us.  Let's not forget the awesome coffee bar with the many expensive and delicious coffees to choose. 

We love these trends too and see them as a real blessing from God,  but certainly not at the expense of real substance to the ministry.   We believe we should lay a deep foundation in the hearts of our members to produce at least three things:  (1) a good reason to live  (2) a good reason to love  (3) and a good reason to serve God and others.

Here at Sweet River Church our highest aim is focused on these three (above) points.  They are the fruits of a great foundation from which we build.

We encourage you to visit each page of our web site  with the hope that you will find what you need. 

And certainly you are invited to join us for one of our dynamic Sweet River worship services this coming Sunday. 
Advancing the Kingdom
Local Pastors: Tony & Christine Gibson 

Overseeing Pastor: Dr. Ray Kirkland Church For The Nations, Phoenix Arizona
President of COTRI:  Dr. Mike Maiden,  Senior Pastor of Church For The Nations, Phoenix Arizona

Go to www.cotri.org for more information about our COTRI affiliation.

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